VRM European Affiliates Meeting

VRM held its first meeting for its European Affiliates in November 2018. The meeting combined networking with continued professional development with interactive sessions focusing on incorporation of the 3Rs into research studies and included an overview of pain by Colin Capner, statistics by Pete Ceuppens and suffering by Maggie Fisher....
Thursday 20th December 2018

Meet us at WAAVP 2019!

Check out the website at www.WAAVP2019.com for complete information on the meeting. As a reminder, the key dates are the following: Abstract submission opens: November 26, 2018 Registration and Hotel Booking opens: November 26, 2018 Abstract Submission Deadline: February 15, ...
Monday 15th October 2018

Oct 2018 - Brexit News

Brexit rumbles on, providing us with a topic of conversation for every occasion. Will it turn out to be a damp squib like the Millennium Bug or will there be fireworks? Plans for Brexit, the term coined for the UK’s planned departure from the European Union became less clear ...
Monday 15th October 2018

Sept 2018 - our new Affiliate Vetspin

VRM is pleased to announce a new Affiliate member in the name of Vetspin, based in Bologna, Italy.  For more information on Vetspin's capabilities, please see 'Our Affiliates'.
Sunday 30th September 2018

Sept 2017 - WAAVP Conference Malaysia

VRM is proud of having supported the first WAAVP conference in South East Asia.
Saturday 30th September 2017

ACTMP 2014, Kuala Lumpur

Will you be there? Maggie will be. Send her an email and meet up for a face-to-face chat about VRM and Ridgeway.www.actmp2014.com
Wednesday 5th March 2014