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Veterinary Research Management (VRM) Ltd

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VRM provides international veterinary clinical research expertise to manage and coordinate your drug development and registration projects, pharmaceutical or biological.

The VRM team designs, manages, & delivers veterinary development projects for global pharmaceutical clients.

Need to place a programme of studies or find expertise? VRM will help.

VRM will work synergistically with your team to accelerate your veterinary medicine to registration and launch by optimizing the use of internal and external expertise and facilities.

VRM is directly affiliated to two global leaders in the conduct of veterinary clinical research trials in the northern and southern hemispheres, enabling year-round conduct of seasonal studies.

VRM will partner with you before, during and after the registration of your product, providing technical solutions to ensure successful commercialisation.

If you need help in accelerating the development, registration or delivery of your veterinary medicine to market Call Us

  • Partnering with VRM will allow your technical experts to focus their expertise on the key areas of your development portfolio, whilst we at VRM focus on the design, management, and delivery of an individual programme for you.


Why choose us?
Our services were born out of two observations:

Many successful Animal Health companies have more development projects than their staff can reasonably progress as fast as they would like at any one time.

Most companies ask their highly qualified technical experts to lead one or more development projects whilst also providing their technical expertise to many other projects, thus stretching the staff too thinly to the point where projects don't progress as fast as they could with dedicated project management.

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Our News

  • January 2014 Jan 2014 Microbiology at Ridgeway
    Our affiliated company Ridgeway Research has recently established a microbiology facility with category II containment for studies.
  • 5th – 7th March ACTMP 2014, Kuala Lumpur
    Will you be there? Maggie will be. Send her an email and meet up for a face-to-face chat about VRM and Ridgeway.

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