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Our Affiliates

Ridgeway Research Ltd

  • Safety/ tolerance of pharmaceutical products
  • Dose determination and confirmation efficacy studies
  • Pharmacokinetic and residue studies
  • Endoparasitological and ectoparasitological investigations
  • Salmonella studies in poultry
  • In-feed studies with specific expertise with pigs, poultry, game birds and horses
  • Maintenance and supply of various nematode isolates, laboratory strains
    and recent field isolates and of Fasciola hepatica metacercariae
  • Equine faecal egg count service to guide horse owners and
    veterinarians in appropriate anthelmintic use

NorthWest Biopharm

  • Project design, study management, report preparation
  • Data collection form development and preparation
  • Quality assurance available
  • Development of animal models including ectoparasite home
    environment, obesity, endoparasite infection, mastitis infection
  • Discovery and development projects, safety, efficacy, PK projects
  • Palatability studies
  • Endoparasite and ectoparasite studies
  • A wide range of laboratory reared ectoparasites are available
    including Ctenocephalides felis, C. canis, Ixodes spp.,
    Rhiphicephalus spp., Dermacentor spp.


  • GLP and GCP studies
  • Capacity and expertise for poultry, cattle, swine, rabbits and bee studies
  • French CIR accreditation
  • Human resources consisting of four veterinarians; one chemist; two biologists;
    one quality assurance officer and three technicians on staff
  • GLP services include residue depletion studies in edible tissues;
    Pk/ADME/bioavailability studies; bioequivalence studies and
    target animal safety studies
  • GCP study capacity covers dose determination; dose confirmation;
    poultry field and poultry challenge in isolates
  • Ancillary services include investigator, monitor, QA, statistical input
    plus assistance with dossier development and application with EU regulators
  • Specific laboratory services include single and repeat dose toxicity;
    target organ toxicity; spread and dissemination; antibody by ELISA;
    PCR method validation; increase in virulence and overdose toxicity

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