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Recent Projects

A flavour of some of the recent projects completed by VRM:

  • CLINICAL PROGRAMME DELIVERY - Delivery of a programme of 6 efficacy studies for a small animal product; from conducting the tendering process to place the studies optimising client value for money, study set-up, monitoring and reporting through to responding to regulatory questions
  • DISCOVERY PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT - Management and coordination of a discovery programme for a global not-for-profit organisation; including sourcing specialist chemistry CROs to synthesize a number of novel actives, formulation of the resultant active pharmaceutical ingredients, supply chain functions, placement and conduct of preliminary pK and efficacy studies across 4 continents
  • PARASITE SOURCING - Global parasite sourcing and study site identification
  • GCPv MONITORING - On-site monitoring of a bovine pK study with a novel chemical entity (NCE) in Australia
  • ANALYTICAL QUOTE MANAGEMENT - Conduct of a worldwide comparative quotation exercise for the analytical components of a number of residue and pK studies to optimise value for money for clients, whilst meeting required timelines and quality standards
  • REPORT WRITING – Reporting of completed discovery studies for a sponsor, to free up in-house resources and accelerate their discovery programme
  • PRODUCTION OF A JOURNAL SPECIAL ISSUE - Coordination and co-editing of a special edition of Veterinary Parasitology with 11 scientific papers from multiple international authors
  • ASSESSMENT OF HUMAN HEALTH DOSSIERS - Preliminary assessment of the viability of a human health candidate for progression as veterinary medicine development candidate
  • NOVEL TECHNOLOGIES - Consulting on a novel technology for food preservation
  • DRAFTING OF DEVELOPMENT PLANS – Drafting of outline development plans and estimations of associated potential costs to support European registration of a variety of products, both generics and NCEs
  • PARASITOLOGY TEXTS - Drafting of several chapters for a small animal parasitology text book for veterinarians
  • COMPETITIVE TENDERING - Coordination of several competitive tendering exercises for pharma clients seeking to place studies with CROs, to optimise timelines and obtain best value for money for the client, whilst ensuring delivery to the required quality standards
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT - of a series of field studies for a small animal product. Conducted in the southern hemisphere on behalf of a European pharma company
  • FIELD FLEA STUDY - with assessment of control achieved following ectoparasite treatment in home environments


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