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Oct 2018 - Brexit News

Monday 15th October 2018

Brexit rumbles on, providing us with a topic of conversation for every occasion. Will it turn out to be a damp squib like the Millennium Bug or will there be fireworks?

Plans for Brexit, the term coined for the UK’s planned departure from the European Union became less clear following the 2017 general election result that returned a hung parliament – that is a parliament where no one party has an overall majority. The result may have reduced the likelihood of a ‘hard Brexit’ where there is a severing of all ties with the EU without an agreement regarding future relations, but at present nothing is certain and March 2019 is coming ever closer.

It has been announced that the future location of the European Medicines Agency, currently located in Canary Wharf, London, is to be Amsterdam, operational from March 2019. In the meantime the EMA has scaled back or suspended some activities to ensure business continuity. Cyton can provide more information about options for companies with veterinary pharmaceuticals registered in non-UK countries where the MA holder is registered in the UK.